Air/Ocean Export Service


Transportation of single commodity and high volume loads, for example, grain, coal etc. ocean freight is the most economical way to export these products.  Sky2C has it all covered: international shipping from port to port. Experience a better shipping experience with Sky2C.


Ro-Ro Service

RORO i.e. Roll-On/Roll-Off shipping vessels have built-in ramps and entry and exit doors that allow the cargo to be rolled onto the deck of the ship. Such carriers are popularly used to transport cars from one point to another but trucks, boats and buses, tractors and travel trailers are also being shipped using RO-RO services. Contact Sky2C for more details.

Ro-Ro Service


Tips for Packing a Domestic Shipment

If you are planning to send a domestic parcel, you need to make sure that it is safely delivered to the specified mailing address. Most people use their local post offices to send domestic shipments but if your goods are temperature sensitive or require special care, you can choose to hire professional freight services for shipping your domestic parcels from one location to the next. Read more…