Relocate your Personal Goods


Relocating to a brand new destination? Wary on how will you transport your personal goods and baggage while keeping them safe and secure? Let Sky2c do the job for you!


Domestic Freight Service by Ocean


Usually ocean and air freight services are used for international transportation of goods, but when it comes to domestic transportation ocean freight serves as one of the most reliable options. The three categories of goods that are transported through this mode are: Freight shipment (i.e. heavy cargo), household goods, and business goods. If you want to know more about domestic ocean freight services, then read ahead!

Why Choose Ground Freight For Transporting Your Cargo?


Our specialized ground freight service (also known as LTL or ‘Less Than Truck Load’ service) enables you to transport any sort of commercial cargo (excluding live animals, human remains and personal effects) across 48 states within the US and Canada. Your cargo is consolidated and shipped on the first available connection to ensure a secure and timely delivery. Continue Reading…

Commercial Cargo by Domestic Air Freight

Avail our domestic air freight service to swiftly and safely move any and all categories of commercial cargo to a destination of your choice (excluding items such as live animals, human remains and personal effects). Although your specific requirements, budget and delivery-deadline will determine the choice of service, we particularly recommend domestic air freight for time sensitive goods. This service is however quite expensive as opposed to its alternatives. Continue Reading…