Shipping To USA from India

Sometime we all need a bit help while traveling abroad. Whether you’re shipping to USA from India for a short break, an important business meeting or to start a new life working abroad. Sky2c Freight Systems Inc provides Worldwide international shipping services is all you need for a smooth, safe and affordable transition.

We are experts in international relocation with depots and offices across the globe from USA, Canada, Australia and India. We are there for those, who want to move abroad permanently or the students back home at the end of the academic year.

Here’s how it work : We drop off Boxes, Containers, the parcel tape and bubble wrap, giving you as much time as you need to pack you items the way you want,  the you give us a ring and one of our driver will return to collect them for shipping to Singapore. The next time you see your items will be at your desired destination, safe and sound. Simple really.  We have transported thousands of boxes and containers to USA from India.

For booking of your shipment call us at +1 800-353-5128 and avail the benefit of most reliable and affordable shipping company in World.